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Astrology is way of life. It is a breath of life. He is one who believes in innovation and continue to do so everyday. A great Astrologer, Palmist , Numerologist ,occultist, Gemologist, Stock Market Analyst, Feng Shui Specialist, Fortunologist , as well as a Vaastu Expert. Not only he is a poet, painter, psychologist, sociologist, scientist all the qualities have reached at their acme.


Dr. Lokinder is Renowned (Internationally Famous) astrologer. You Just need to tell him your Name, Date of Birth, Time Of Birth, Place Of Birth, He Checks Your Horoscope Astrologically as well as Numerologically and he can tell you in discovering your strengths and weaknesses, your deep inner needs, emotional reactions, talents and ways to deal with others. He has sound knowledge to ascertain which Gem(s) would suit best to his client so that the results may be excellent. Remedies will be given for right work and smooth path only. He suggests Very Simple & Practical Remedies which are Very Easy to Perform & are very effective also. His method of Prediction is Totally Scientific & Logical with Reasoning and Facts. His method of prediction is completely different from other Astrologers He has gone into the Depth of these sciences to remove the misconceptions which are prevailing in the society regarding these sacred Mystic Sciences. He has established an Exclusive Identity of his own His Consultations & Advices are Scientific & are Always Based on some Logic & Reasoning. He recommends you to wear Gemstones by his deep Study, Because Gems have Curative Powers as well as the Power to Pour in Fortune & drive away the Evil of our Planetary Position. The most important thing is that which Gemstone will suit an Individual & which Gemstone would destroy life. He has Solves the Severest of the Health Problems He always gives advice in a Logical & Scientific way whenever consulted for any Problem. He has completely different methodology to analyse the charts. He has satisfied and delighted clients from different countries. By Research & Knowledge he tells you to buy a House , Plot , Office , Bungalow, Shop, Showroom, Flat ,Factory, in any Place Checked according to Vaastu Shashtra. Even Study & Experience Shows that Gemstones help every person in their life either in their Personnel Relationship He even gives Consultations by Phone also, You can meet him Personally also.